Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update on my Life

I hate hate hate migraines!!! I hate having to miss work and sitting on the couch without a clear, functioning mind. That's my life in a nutshell for today....

Other than that, I'm finally doing what I (and Chris) really want to do for our wedding. Dad and Mom dictated absolutely no alcohol, so I thought it would be best to have a simple finger food reception. But, then we keep adding people to the guest in order to accommodate the people and still have fun, we're moving the reception to a location other than the church fellowship hall. It's most likely going to be at the Oscar Event Center, which has plenty of fun things to do around it in case people don't want to go home immediately after the fun party. Plus, we can have a dance floor. Which is always more fun!! I'm finally getting excited about something other than the rehearsal dinner...I am ready for Friday afternoon to get here so we can have our meeting with the sales person and get things rolling...I just hope it's not too expensive.

Well, head is hurting me still, so it's nap time! More later :-)

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