Friday, June 24, 2011

Blossom Anne

I absolutely adore my puppy! This is an old picture of her, but she's so cute and sweet in it! And the best part (also the reason for this post) is I get to spend a week with her...all by myself :-) See, she usually goes to Granny's (aka my mom) during the week days so she doesn't have to be crated so much. She loves to run outside and keeps my mom occupied. But my parents are going to DC for a week and I'm dog/house sitting for them. So I get the yard for Blossy Boo and I get her all to myself! I really just can't wait! I love cuddling with her and she's just so full of energy and happiness. She is by far the best thing I've ever bought for myself.

On a different note, I'm also very excited that we are meeting with a place this afternoon to hold a wedding reception. Planning a wedding is so much fun, but only when things start coming together...I'm also hoping we can get the guy's yellow shirts tonight...yes I'm making them wear yellow, but not the girls :-) My future husband LOVES me for this too!!!

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