Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8, 2011-Day 8 of Thanksgiving and Election Day

Today I am thankful for the wonderful country we live in and the freedoms that are so often taken for granted...

I will admit that I was sightly annoyed, as I usually am, as today approached. I don't care to have your opinion shoved in my face on a regular basis. I did my research and chose how to vote. I'm not going to publicize how I vote. I WILL, however, encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote...As I did.

I had sort of a flash back to high school when I walked into the arena to vote. Some of it looked different, but oddly most seemed to be frozen in time. Even the smells seemed familiar... I envisioned all the stairs we did during softball conditioning,...and it just felt like home. I guess part of who I am today came from the time I spent in that building...I'm glad to have been able to revisit it AND exercise my right to vote.

Voting is something that people seem to just write off as something that they should do, but they just never get around to it...why is that? We live in a FREE country for a reason...don't take it for granted. Be thankful and go vote :-)

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