Tuesday, November 1, 2011

End of October, Beginning of November

So Monday was Halloween...and thus not a typical Monday. But Halloween was not the only thing that made my Monday more unique than others. Monday was a day of good news...peace and rest of things that I've been praying over came to the forefront yesterday. I felt God's love in such abundance yesterday...it was AMAZING!!!  Additionally having lunch with my Dad made my Monday all that much more enjoyable!

 But then today was Tuesday...the beginning of the month where I try to focus on all that I am thankful for...as it is the month of Thanksgiving! It was difficult at times, for today was a little trying...but then a dove chocolate (with peanut butter in the center) summed up what I have to be thankful for today: Today is a bubble bath kind of day! Oh how I LOVE bubble baths!  And the timing of that dove chocolate moment was PERFECT!!!The only thing I love more than a bubble bath after a hard day is cuddling with my Blossom Anne. My husband sometimes gets annoyed and says I love her more than him, but it's a different kind of love. Blossom is the best dog that I could ever imagine having.

So in summary, today I am thankful for both bubble baths AND my Blossom Anne. And with that, it's time to relax before bed and find something to be thankful for tomorrow as well :-)

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