Friday, October 21, 2011

Marbles, Powdered Sugar Donuts, Pecan Pick Ups, Wood Work, and Twin Girls

What do marbles, powdered sugar donuts, pecan pickups, wood work, twin girls all have in common you ask?

Well...the answer would be the date October 21.

The first four things all have to do with my Poppy.

 Poppy collected marbles...he ate powdered sugar donuts almost every morning we were visiting him...he LOVED my mom's pecan pickups (she'd make an extra batch just for him!)...and he loved working in his workshop. Fortunately I have a cedar chest he made, a "books shelf," and a refinished rocking chair. But even more importantly, I have some very fond memories of him.

And today has really made me remember most of these fond memories of him. Four years ago today, Poppy left this world to be in a better place. I miss him terribly every day, but even more so on today's date and on his birthday. Today, a poem that was written and read at his funeral by Allen Hamilton really rang true today.

You Are STILL Here 
I received a call the other night, 
to inform me you were no longer here, 
but as my mind swept through all my thoughts of you, 
I still find that you are still very near.

You are here at the chair I sit on
and at the desk where my paperwork lies.
So as long as the world keeps turning,
your spirit here, will never die.

It will be there in every marsh I pass,
Where the muskrat huts grow high
and on every beaver lodge I see,
and in every Rainbow Filled Sky

Even the floors I walk on that once was scarred,
with years of wear,
Now renewed with your hours of toil,
I will see your reflection there.

When winter comes,
with those cold rainy days,
and there is gloom in the air,
I'll hear your laughter in the wind,
that will chase away my despair.

You will be there on your grand kids school yard,
and in all their pleasant dreams.
You will be there on their graduation day
and be in on their ornery schemes.

You will be there in your children's decisions,
so when life's problems they have to face, 
with all the values you have instilled in them,
They will handle them in grace.

Now Ginny!! Gary has given you 47 years of great memories
and Holy Scripture I wouldn't want to misconstrue,
Jesus said "He went to prepare a mansion" for us, but I'm thinking Gary is there,
tinkering, trying hard to make yours,
even more beautiful for YOU.

Even as I write that poem out today, I have tears streaming down my face. But I will go to bed peacefully tonight because I have two beautiful Twin Baby Girls in my life! Today my sister-in-law gave birth to two, small, but strong girls. They only weigh about 4 1/2 lbs each and one is in NICU, but only as a's such a blessing that I have a happier memory to occupy me on this doesn't mean I miss him any less, but it does make it a little easier to handle.

I truly believe that Poppy was looking over me today smiling at all that his grandchild was getting into! While we were at the hospital, at least 6 pairs of twins were born! Maybe one of them will be named Gary :-)  

Hopefully we can hold Elizabeth Ann and Michaiah Kay tomorrow and I can get some good pictures! Little babies are ADORABLE!!! Better get some rest before Braydon and Lilly wake up! Did I mention it's fun being an aunt???

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