Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4 of Thanksgiving

It's Friday!!! And today I would have to say I'm thankful for Fridays marking the end of a busy week and the start of a busy seems like this week has just been me tackling one thing after another! It's crazy! And this weekend will be filled with homework and church!
I'd also have to say I'm thankful for this fun little blog thing I found...
Five Question Friday
...courtesy of
So I'm going to join in this fun little blog hop and see how I like it...

1. What movie do you love to quote?

I am horrible at remembering lines from movies...therefore I don't quote them. I'm much better at quoting songs...even if I get the lyrics wrong (this drives my husband nuts!!).

2. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
No. Would I like to? Maybe. I think some back roads would be fun to ride on...I just am totally convinced motorcycles are not safe, especially in heavy traffic.

3. What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
On rainy days, I LOVE to stay in my pajamas, curl up under a fleece blanket with hot chocolate (possibly mixed with vanilla cappuccino), a good movie and/or book, and a skein of yarn. There is nothing like a fresh skein of yarn to start a new blanket with on a rainy day! And of course, intermittent naps would be included!

4. Do you prefer a bunch of small gifts, or one really big, (expensive) gift?
I think it depends on the giver and the gift/gift occasion. In general, however, I'd have to say I like a bunch of small gifts. I guess in some weird illogical way it means that the person took more though into the gifts (even if they're inexpensive individually) than if they just went and threw money at something. This goes along with my favorite part of Christmas being the stocking stuffers. I love both purchasing stocking stuffers for people and opening my stocking on Christmas morning!
5. Do you ever lose track of days and show up somewhere wrong?
Days? No. Time? Yes. I've lost track of time and showed up at the wrong place before...early and late. I think that if I didn'thave my planner, I would probably mix up days as well. It seems like I have to have it in order to know what day it is and what I'm suppose to be doing! Life just is too crazy at times!

Okay, so now you know 5 fun facts about me! Aren't you glad you read this :-) Happy Day 4 of Thanksgiving!

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