Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Scariest word EVER!!!

So not all of you will appreciate this post, but I know some of you will....

Thes SCARIEST word EVER is DISSERTATION. I swear this word is going to haunt me for the next 3 years of my life. It's the last thing I will ever do as a student. It's the last thing that I have to do in order to get my PhD. And in the end, I know it will be a great feeling to hold the published copy in a hard back book...but today it's just annoying. And here is why...

So I LOVE math, right? I want to work with math and research the rest of my life! I love looking at things from different perspectives and finding better ways to solve problems. It stretches me, frustrates me, and somehow thrills me. However, the words: Bayesian vs. Frequentists freak me out. We're talking theoretical perspective, highly controversial stuff. And of course, I have the brilliant idea to incorporate my master's theseis topic of DALY's (Disability Adjusted Life Years) into this debateable topic!

SO I guess, to summarize it: Thinking about this task I have ahead of me freaked me out! I definitely have my work cut out for me the next two years...luckily I have a very patient husband when it comes to me and my school tasks :-)

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