Friday, October 14, 2011

Rain and Peace

So as a Christian, typically rain in our lives correspond with some sort of trial, chaos, stress, etc. Or at least it does in my head....and the same is true in real life. However, as I'm sitting here tonight (delaying the inevitable task of homework) I look around and realize how peaceful rain can be. My husband is sleeping in the bedroom, my cats are sound asleep in their favorite spots, and Blossom is sitting on the chair monitoring any movement out the window....and all I can think is how peaceful the storm sounds outside are. How peaceful my life is currently....It looks a little intense (both the storm clouds and my current life, but it is somehow peaceful...Reminds me of the promise that comes after the this picture from Hawaii....

Maybe this is just a family thing-I know my Aunt Judy loves to sit outside when it storms so she can watch the lightning....but I just am overwhelmed by this sense of peace tonight...It's nice. And I felt the urge to share!

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