Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newly Wed Update :-)

I've been a newly wed for a total of 17 days now...and being married is AmAzInG!!! I won't lie, it's definitely an adjustment living with someone, but it's a good kind of adjustment. I've been forced to grow, and learn to be a better compromisor...and this week has just started off amazing and there's still fun stuff to look forward to.

Sunday-Mom, Chris, and I went to the Davis Reunion. It's definitely hard not seeing Poppy there, but it's great to see everyone else there. It's fun to go to the country for an afternoon, watch the boys shoot clay pigeons, ride a horse, sit and chat with people who have unique views on things, and just get to see people who I love because they are simply my blood line.

Monday-nothing too exciting happened....just work and class. I actually think I'm going to like the class I have Monday nights though. It's not my typical research class since it's qualitative, but it will be something that interests me since it's new. I also decided to drop a class that I know I'll hate and only take 6 hours this quarter. Something I'm not use to doing, but thankful I made the decision. I need some time to relax with my HUSBAND!!!

Tuesday-So far today, we've moved a tv, end table, and large dog crate out of the condo. We added a dresser from mom's (one that we've had since Allison and I were little). Overall, it was a good trade. we rearranged some stuff and I feel like it's becoming OUR home instead of a crazy rat's nest :-)

And still to look forward to this week:

Wednesday-Nothing too exciting, just work and class. But I do get to watch a new criminal minds and law and order svu :-)

Thursday-KING SIZE BED!!! and hopefully date night...maybe I'll finish "The Help" and we can go see that movie...or go to Bed Bath and Beyond and spend gift cards :-)

Friday-half day of work is really not exciting, but it is pay day! And it's a double pay day-Chris and I both get paid-super exciting!!!

Saturday-Doggy Class with Miss Blossy! Hopefully we'll show that we've improved in the past two weeks!

Thanks for reading my ramblings! I need to get back into this and get better at blogging!!!

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