Thursday, November 1, 2007


Philippians is one of Paul's letters. This particular letter is very short-four chapters. It deals with the imitation of Christ and the thanksgiving we need to continually be in.

Chapter 4 verses 5-9 is one of my favorite passages. I have inherited the worry-wart issue from my mother. This verse, however, just says to pray about it and it'll be taken care of. Chapter four then latter states in verse 13 that "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." THis is a passage you see throughout the world. Tshirts, billboards, tattoos. This verse gives us something to fall back on; it gives us a rock on which to lean. Paul seems to be teaching how to trust in God and rely on Him through constant communication. I believe this because chapter 4 follows chapter 2 which discusses how we should imitate Christ's humility.

One of the things that many people kept telling my grandma while I was at home was that God will get her through this...She once responded with the cliche that she wished God didn't trust her so much...this just really stuck out in my memory while reading about praying for my needs and letting the peace of God transcends to guard my hearts and mind...All that I can do for her is to pray for her, call her, send her cards, and just love her...It sucks for me, but I know that if I pray as Paul directed the Philippians-it'll all work out....

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