Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hebrews is also in the collection of Paul's letters. The first thing that I found to be quite interesting is the comparison between Jesus and Moses is spelled out in this letter. We discussed this being important to the Jewish culture to compare Jesus to Moses because Moses delivered them from slavery in Egypt. The Hebrews should be the Jewish people, and so Paul recognizes that they need to be able to compare Jesus to their deliverer. I think that it is also important that Paul discusses faith-what it is and who in the old testament showed a faithful living. Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses and his parents, and even the people that were delivered from Egypt. The people Paul mentions are prominent figures to the Jewish culture, and he is challenging the Hebrews to take a faithful stand and live like these people they admire.

Hebrews 4: 9-11 discusses and commands us to take rest on the sabbath. This is something I really struggle with. Part of it is the society we live in doesn't adhere to this commandment and part of it is I commit to too much. It seems like Sunday I spend the day catching up on what I haven't finished last week and starting the stuff for the next week. Rest isn't something I necessarily take the time or the effort for. I keep telling myself that once I graduate and get a real job-I'll do better at it, but it will still take a lot then...

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