Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Goals/Resolutions

Something that always strikes me as intriguing is how a new year triggers the compulsion for new goals/resolutions. I always sort of forget about this part of the new year tradition until the ball has dropped and the end of the first day is almost over. I guess it's because I see them everywhere (yay for social networks!), or maybe I just need more time to decide what I can actually accomplish in the new year.

Accomplishing new things each year should be very easy for someone who LOVES to make lists...and cross things off as they are completed! However, if I'm going to be serious about a goal, then I need to put some really deep thought into it.

So after deep thought, I've come up with the following goals for 2012

1. Make sure to take time to actually get ready for bed....I sometimes forget to actually get ready for brush the teeth, wash the face, etc. This probably seems gross, but I know a lot of people who forget to do this. As I get older, it is seemingly more important to me. Do not know why, but it is.

2. No cheating on the gluten free diet. There are times when I get so frustrated and just give in to eating something with gluten in it. No more! I'm going to be 100% gluten free and try new recipes to add flavor!

3. Have a healthy balance between work, school, and fun. I tend to focus on one or the other and stress about it. I need to enjoy all three aspects. That way I can be a better wife, puppy mommy, student, and worker.

4. Sell more items in my etsy store. Slowly, but surely I am building up a solid stock of items-cards, blankets, scarves, and other fun crafty things. I just hope the hard work starts to pay off soon! I sold a total of 33 things in 2011, so my goal is 50 for 2012!

5. Get our will in place. This may seem, silly, but it is something we need to do as a couple. It will be more difficult once we start having children, so it will be nice to get a solid foundation!

6. Start (and finish) some home improvement projects. Now that Chris and I are a family, it's time to start thinking about redoing the decor around our condo.

7. Take Blossom on more/longer walks. She absolutely loves walks and they are definitely helpful for my health, so it makes sense to do. Will help me achieve a better balance as well!

8. Read more for fun. I get swept up in my school books that I forget how much I really like to read for fun! Not this year!

9. Plan and take a honeymoon trip. We're thinking Savannah, GA ( thanks Jenn!) but no definite plans have been made.

10. Make more trips to Dayton to see our handsome nephew and all three adorable nieces! It's definitely something we need to do and want to do!

11. Cook more/ different meals for my husband. Chris and I have different eating habits and tendencies, so it's definitely an adjustment for us both. Hopefully this year we can get into more of a compromise and eat at home more often :-)

12. It is only appropriate to have 12 goals since there are 12 months in the year....however the only other goal I have is to enjoy this year by growing closer to God and enjoy each and every day!

So there we have it folks! My goals / resolutions for this year!

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  1. Savannah is a great place to visit!