Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Acts 1-14

Acts 1-14 is written very differently than the gospels, but it definitely ties all the gospels together. The entire first half seems to have one main purpose: to spread Christianity, coming mainly from "The Great Commission" (Acts 1:8)

I think the biggest thing that struck me while reading this passage is how passive we are today about Christianity. Religion seems to be the main thing people are trying to spread-not Christianity. Yes, it is true that today we don't throw people in jail for preaching the gospels...but maybe that's because we don't do it in the same way. A lot of people, myself included, take a much more passive approach. I have friends who are gay, Jewish, Atheist, Muslim, and Christians. A couple times a week I join a community of fellow Christians-either through small group or through a prayer group. We talk openly about Jesus and what He's doing in our life, but when it comes to approaching Jesus with my homosexual friend-it doesn't flow as easy. We are too worried about coming across as judging people to actually do what Jesus commissioned us to do...So instead, we accept their non-belief and just try to live your life the way Christ would...interesting...

I think it is also interesting that we now see churches being throughout the lands. Before we had the temple that the Holy Spirit dwells and the synagogue where the pharisees taught. The church is a place where the gospels can be preached. I think the fact that this institution has stayed for so long is really something to help support our faith. Churches have definitely evolved and changed to fit the times accordingly, but to read about the churches during biblical times-we definitely can see the similarities...and I find it significant that church was important to Peter and Barnabus...now adays-even to me-church can come after a lot of other obligations in life...but this is what they made their lives about. It reminds me more of missionaries today than a formal church, but I still find it strange that we can push aside church...Sometimes I even feel guilty because I work in a nursery (for money) on Sunday mornings instead of attending a church service.

I love the gospels because they tell the story of Jesus' life-which is the basis for Christianity, but it is nice to be able to read about people resisting and acting like humans do today. I felt like in the gospels the disciples made it so easy to follow Jesus-and in essence it is, but in reality it isn't because the world gets in the way...and I feel that Acts portrayed that side better. It sort of makes the Bible more real to me...

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