Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mark 1-8

Mark 1-8 repeats a great deal of what is in Matthew from a different perspective. The specific stories of Jesus' life that are highlighted vary and Mark starts with John the Baptist.

The fact that John the Baptist is called the messenger before Christ, and the fact that he realizes how much greater Christ is, amazes me. Sometimes the intimacy and holiness of baptism is ignored. By reading about the beginning baptisms, however, the impact of this symbol for Christians is so tremendous. I think it has been awhile since I really focused on the symbol of baptism as something more than just a symbol of you being saved.

Another thing at the beginning of Mark that I would like to point out is the statement "he taught them as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law." Thinking back to todays conversation in class-it seems odd that Jesus would not be considered a teacher of the law. The law was brought up to be one of the five moments in the Old Testament that are crucial. This may be one of the things that prohibits Jews from believing in the New Testament. The laws were given to the Jews as guidelines to abide by in their covenant and if Jesus teaches them not as a teacher of the law-they may have some dissonance with that. For me it makes perfect sense because the covenant has been broken and Jesus Christ was sent-with authority-to bring God's people back. The Jews-from interpreting from this wording-may not have seen this connection.

Moving on through Mark, it appears that there is more doubt openly shown than there was in Matthew. There also appears to be more emphasis on the fact that Jesus focuses on the sinners-surrounds himself with sinners-than with the righteous. This goes along with a part of chapter 2 that I found particularly fascinating: the sabbath was made for man not man for sabbath. This is something I think people forget this concept many times and take the sabbath for granted. I found it interesting though that the Lord had to state this.

A lot of Mark, as I stated previously is a repeat of the parables/lessons in Matthew. Some of the stories paint a different perspective on the way things went-they highlight different aspects. I believe this is why we talk about these stories and look at all the versions together in church (or at least my pastor at home does). The one I would like to highlight is where Jesus Walks on Water. In Matthew it seemed to highlight Peter's doubt, but Mark seems to highlight Jesus walking on the water and the idea to take courage and strength in Jesus. It also seemed to highlight do not be afraid instead of do not doubt. The same story-two different sides. And like my dad has always said: there are at least three sides to every story: yours mine and the truth...

The last question I would like to address that was brought up in these first 8 chapters of Mark is what exactly is the difference between a synagogue and a tabernacle?? If there is any...

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